Meet a Maker: Sweet Water Decor

By test test On March 1, 2019 | In Blog

Meet Melissa from Sweet Water Decor!


Sweet Water Decor is a motivational + inspirational brand that started in my basement back one snowy night, in December 2014. From our humble beginnings, to now serving over 100K customers and being in over 2,000 boutiques / shops around the world as well as national stores, our goal continues to be to motivate and inspire our customers to live their dreams!

Every design in our shop is hand lettered by yours truly, so you are getting something truly unique! Growing up, I loved designing, and could always be found in the stationery section of every store I went in to. I’d always be saving motivational quotes (before Pinterest) and writing them in a notebook. From working in retail since I was 18 (both in stores + at corporate), I learned the importance of providing customers with beautiful, high quality items.

What role has HOPE played in my business?

Looking back to when Sweet Water Decor started back in 2014, it was an answered calling from the Lord.

He put hope on my heart to have my own business a few years before, but I knew it wasn’t time yet and he had better plans for me. From working in the corporate world, he prepared me to run my own business, and one night in December 2014, I opened my shop on etsy, and everything changed.

From what started out as an after work creative outlet, turned into not only my full time job but my husband’s as well, less than a year later. We have grown so much from that snowy night and owe it to Him. His plans are greater than our own and His timing is perfect (Jeremiah 29:11)! He leads me every step of this business – from what motivational sayings to design to nudges on my heart.

I have hope for the future for SWD and can’t wait to see where we go!

~ Melissa, Owner + Designer of Sweet Water Decor, LLC


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